When Your Kid Falls in Love

Many of us have wondered at some time how kids can fall in love, especially if they’re very young. The answer is simple: with a true love for you. Even though the idea seems strange at first, you should realize that children are not immune from developing strong emotions when they are very young. Here are a few signs of a budding relationship with your child:

Reading Comprehension and Literacy. A big part of growing up and learning to be an adult is reading. It’s something that will stay with you through your entire life, and it’s only natural that you want your kids to learn to read as well. Have your kids engage in reading during their growing days and make reading fun by making it a challenge by making reading comprehension and vocabulary tests.

Vocabulary. Kids are born with no vocabulary, and this makes them vulnerable to getting it wrong when they’re speaking to you. Make sure that you teach your kids to develop a good vocabulary, even when it comes to making silly mistakes like saying, “Are you ready for the next test?” or “This is your big chance!”

A Real True Mate. We all know that there are people who love us in life, people like our mothers, our brothers, our lovers, etc. but for children, there is no one particular person they can rely on. This is why it’s important to have a real true mate. Kids look up to their moms and dads, so if you show them love, they are more likely to act that way towards you. If you have a loving, supporting, truthful boyfriend or girlfriend who treats you well and makes you feel great, then your kids are more likely to have a real true mate who will make them happy and bring them happiness even when things get rough.

A Pretty Face. If you have a loving, supportive and truthful boyfriend or girlfriend who treats you well and gives you the happiness you want and deserve, then your kids are going to take a pretty princess like look after you. You will look like the belle of the ball, all while having a gorgeous daughter who isn’t afraid of you telling you she loves you when you’re down, because she knows you’ll still love her even when she looks like that. Kids are naturally attracted to pretty faces, so if you can make your pretty face shine, your kids will be drawn to it.

Don’t Pushy. It’s easy to make your kids feel secure by pushing them into situations that may not result in them falling in love with you. But kids are much more resilient than we think. They can resist the pressure to conform to your expectations and they can turn a simple situation into one that can change their lives forever. If you can’t do that, then at least make them feel safe by letting them make the decision on their own.